Journal Prompts for Mid Year/End of Year Reflection

What is something I did this month or in recent months that felt natural/easy and in alignment?


What issue or concern did I have at the beginning of the month/year that worked itself out?


What is something I still have time to do that could positively impact the way I get to end my year?


What will be my biggest motivator for the month/months ahead?


What will I do just for me this month and next?


What has helped get me through this year to date?
(Routines, Resources, People, Experiences)


How do I feel about the tone or any intentions I set throughout the year and how did they go?


Where have I spent the most time and energy year to date and what will be my focus in moving forward?


What is something I am really looking forward to doing or creating in the next 6-12 months?


What is something I'm planning just for me, my growth and development in upcoming months?

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