The Personal Year Cycle & What It Means For You

The world we live in, is ever-present with natural cycles, you only have to look around you to see the elemental impact each organism relies on and produces within our eco-system, to understand that the earth is continually working to sustain life and renew itself. We are no different.

If you can recognise that while the way we feel and how we behave is a result of our inner and outer world it can also be dependent on the day, environment, season, company we keep, when on a winning streak vs during a perceived loss, when on a different vibe or in a different phase of life to others even when you seem to have similar contributing factors... 

Then you can likely agree that, in the human form we too are continually going through our own cycles and for the same life-sustaining and renewing purpose. Most people refer to these instances as just a "phase" in their life but what if you knew when these phases were coming and going and how to effectively navigate them because of their cyclical nature?

The most commonly known and accepted cosmic "cycle" would have to be our sun/star/zodiac signs (astrology) for a peep into personality traits and characteristics but to me the most illuminating in the sense of increased self-awareness and compatibility with our environment and circumstances is the nine-year personal year cycle (numerology).

Every new year, you become a new version of you (not because of the demand to reinvent yourself on the 1st January) but because the intention of any personal cycle is to renew you and your purpose through lessons, blockages and personal developments by providing supportive and affirming energy (and guidance) to pursue what's meant for you at this time, in this place.

We are always navigating our own personal year & month themes with an undertone of the collective's so to master one, you must know both. As satisfying as it may seem to have everything in your world peaking at once, it isn't sustainable - mentally or physiologically. This nine-year cycle gives us the opportunity to focus on each with flow instead of force.

General Themes

Year 1 - change, new beginnings, independence

Year 2 - slowing down, connection, partnership

Year 3 - creativity, communication, journey to personal happiness

Year 4 - foundation, vision, breakthrough

Year 5 - freedom, adventure, learning

Year 6 - personal/family responsibility, love, healing, balance

Year 7 - inner voyage, privacy, solitude

Year 8 - personal power, reward, achievement.

Year 9 - completion, letting go, future reclamation


  • Think back to 2014, as this was the last time you were in the same personal & universal year and review what themes or patterns presented.
  • It is thought by some in this field that the energy of each theme will amplify around your birthday
  • Remember, there is a shadow theme to each... so consider how this may play out without conscious acknowledgement. For example 8 represents personal power, reward, achievement (and money) so it could mean all of these things. during the year, or a struggle in these areas. 
  • Whatever you complete or let go of in your year 9, likely first came to you in your year 1 (in a broad sense) whether it be people, situations or a version of yourself.


You can use an online calculator or this:

Your personal year is calculated by adding the current Universal Year number & your Birth Date (Day+Month) - reduced to a single digit.


Current Year - 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7

Birth Date - 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 6

Universal Year + Your Birthdate Calculation (reduced to a single digit between 1-9)

7 + 6 = 13 1 + 3 = 4

This person is in their Year 4


This is your bright life.


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