[Question 3] In The Words - Overcoming Challenges

Describe what is currently challenging you, the lessons you learnt last time you faced something similar and how you plan to overcome it on this occasion.

Reading this question, you might be thinking "But I wouldn't be in *this* situation if I'd already been here before and knew how to move through it." 

Hard truth: no matter how "once off" and world-ending our problems may seem in the heat of it, there's a tool/revelation/way our old self used in this familiar feeling last time to get through and maybe it's time to employ it again... if it's healthy. 

Whether it's the tunnel vision we get ourselves into when these challenges arise (completely normal) or our default stubbornness (also normal) we forget how connected the old and new is and miss the big lesson - that's usually why they show up again looking for resolution.

So if you're thinking as above - that your current situation is too unique to find common resolve - try to think back to any previous major challenge, however irrelevant it seems and look at how you navigated it. You'll soon discover some similarities when you remember your strength and your victory.

If nothing's coming up, grab a pen and start free writing. Soon enough, your words will take over and you'll have an answer you didn't have before. The act of reviewing where you've been to better prepare for where you are going is often underrated, much of your future is relevant to the past - not because it determines it - but because there's clues, lessons, hard work and ease of work, people, thoughts and emotions that will inform your whole bright life that's made for you.

You've survived all your hardest days, and I can tell you it wasn't just because the clock kept ticking. The solution is within reach because it's within you. 

This is your bright life.


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