3 Things I Swear By To Keep My Week On Track


This is from my point of view and not intended as loaded advice. They're simple things which have become so important to me, my progress (personally & professionally) and my overall output. It's when I notice I feel at my best and I aim to always remember what it takes to get back there, especially when life gets in the way.

Therefore, the only recommendation I have is to find, if you haven't already, what small things make the biggest difference in your life and commit to them consistently.


1. Move well.

 Walk often (a moving body is a working mind)

 Prioritise strength and flexibility

 Don't wait until discomfort sets in to do something about it


2. Eat well.

Eat for nourishment over convenience

Be aware of non-whole food ingredients hidden in everything

Pay attention to body's response to food (for better/worse)

Avoid a microwave


3. Sleep well.

Avoid staring into artificial light first thing in the morning

Spend time outside in natural light to activate hormone response

Use the time right before sleep to wind down and connect with thoughts (via meditation or journaling)

Switch off wi-fi and put devices on flight mode overnight


Moving well, eating well and sleeping well is going to look a little different to everyone but what's important is understanding that they're all connected, how you do one determines what you get from the other and so together they will inevitably form the foundation of how you do anything else.


This is your bright life.


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