Creating the The Bright Life Company, as a brand, was centred around supporting better mental health and personal wellbeing.
By learning to process our thoughts, feelings and priorities through which ever medium or tool we feel most connected to, we're making better sense of them and making more space for the important things, like our passions and purpose in life.
I've been drawn to journaling my whole life, writing for me has been the help, the teacher and an intuitive guide, it has stretched my mind and opened my eyes in big ways but it wasn't until I experienced adversity, transformation, the unexpected,  and during navigating major life shifts that I realised it's power and value.
I created the In The Words journal, with prompting questions to help steer you towards deep thought, recollection and self-discovery. The kind that encourages life-changing and perspective-altering moments. Where your words help you better understand yourself and have the capacity to inspire your bright life. Where self-love gets to mean so much than bubble baths and chocolate cake.
Dana x