9 Things I learned In 2022 & Am Taking Into 2023

Twenty Twenty Two was a huge year for me, with a lot of defining moments both personally and professionally. It illuminated areas of focus and reflected a lot of things about the way I want to move forward. 

I think we all have years like these where there's no way we could've imagined on the 1st of January where we'd end up - that we'd unequivocally question not just our current place, capacity and influence but reimagine our destination, our value system and the relationships we serve. 

And they always end up more magic, and less tragic than we fear. So if you're going through a year or season like this, know that when you place an emphasis on your personal growth and development there's no way you can lose. 

These are 9 lessons that featured prominently for me this year, and since you know I believe in self-reflection being your greatest regulator and determiner of the future, try taking 5 to think back on what you want to take away, do less of, create more of, do differently or do the same of for this year ahead. 


1. You will feel the most lost, right before you find your way.

Keep going, it's usually the final test to see if you're really ready for the breakthrough.

2. Ask for help even when you don't know what *help* looks like, it can save you the heartache of trying to work it out.

A little communication goes a long way when a problem shared can be a problem halved or solved.

3. When you learn the difference between forcing your own hand and following your heart, you'll find your flow.

Whatever is truly on your heart and all yours in the making, won't feel like a continual struggle to reach the other side of resistance.

4. There's little point aiming only for the goals that appear realistic yet are unaligned - you're far better off exploring the unrealistic goals that feel truly aligned.

Just because you don't know anyone who's done what your heart is telling you to, doesn't mean you can't.

5. Don't underestimate what a change of scenery, a glow up or a new routine can do for your perspective and confidence.

Leaving your comfort zone isn't always uncomfortable.

6. Back yourself, not just at the beginning but the whole way, it will always be the most important contributor to your success.

Even if you have the biggest hype person in your corner, they can't know and respond to every moment you feel doubt creep in.

7. Self-reflection is your single greatest regulator.

If you don't have the capacity or at least the desire to navigate your part in the chaos, you won't find peace.

8. Sometimes it doesn't matter how committed you are to a goal, you will still have to collect inspiration and evidence of your idea along the way.

Let yourself and your big ideas be challenged, it'll strengthen your resolve or at the least allow you to reimagine your execution.

9. A great friend is worth everything.

Look after the relationships that look after you, and know when it's your time to return the favour

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