Here's To 2023 & Finding All That's Yours

This is the exact spot I came to so many times throughout 2022. Whether it was post run to stop and admire the day, to journal and process something on my mind, read a book in the sunshine or to take a sunrise dip and spend a moment taking it all in. This place served me well and again today it was right where I needed to be.

If you don't have a place you go to disconnect and reconnect, I highly recommend you find one in 2023 and if you already do - promise yourself that you won't stop utilising it, even when it seems like an extra thing you don't have time to maintain (especially then).

The thing is, our ability to function, respond appropriately, create momentum and truly thrive is only as effective as our ability or commitment to practice unplugging and clarifying our connection to ourselves and this big wide world.

To me there's always been something about staring at the horizon to recognise your true impact and significance, big and small...

Here's to 2023 and finding your place, all that's yours and yet to be, to actualising your dreams from days spent with your head in the clouds and realising the stability that's found after, in the coming back down to earth.

This is your bright life.


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