[Check In] When Was The Last Time You Took Notice?

Take a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself these general questions:

- How do I really feel mentally, physically, emotionally without any major intervention one day to the next?
- What thoughts surface about a situation/person I have patience for vs one I don't?
- What's a typical immediate response I have vs when I've had a chance to process new information?
- What gut feeling or *knowing* do I have about the big and little decisions I have to make?
- What does resistance vs flow looks like in my life?

Perhaps you want to journal on anything that comes up/free write your answers.

Often, we either fail to notice the stark difference between these things when they appear and continue on as though there's no reason, pattern or lesson to see. Or, we see the inconsistencies but dismiss them because we don't trust our critical judgement to seek a better understanding.

It takes practice, care and intention to not only notice the world around us, but to notice the one within us and pursue balance.

This came as a little reminder for me - two nights ago when I was feeling off, brain fog hit just before I went to bed and even though I recognised it was an odd feeling I figured I'd feel better in the morning. I believe (now) that it was a stress response/built up frustration about a situation that's out of my control.

So when I still didn't feel like myself in the morning - I went about my day as normal (avoidance) and by midday I took myself to the beach to "check out" (distraction) I had a swim and sat for a couple of hours reading in the sun. I thought I'd feel better, clearer after and I did, but didn't.

Later that night, after doing all the things to prep for a good night's sleep, magnesium, lemon tea, hot shower etc, it had started to intensify, like a headache was coming on (a warning), so I sat with it. I acknowledged that there had to be a reason for this *feeling* with that came clarity about the situation that was out of my control, and a *knowing* about how to move forward.

It was as if as soon as I let myself pause, respond to the feeling and accept it and accept my next guided step, it settled... I got to sleep and was able wake up with fresh eyes, zero brain fog and at peace with my decision about the situation out of my control. This thing had been weighing on me all month, it finally caught up and wanted resolution, now I'm done with it. 

So whenever you are experiencing something similar, feeling stuck, like you're riding all the highs and extreme lows just because and out of answers... 

Maybe it's time for you to take notice.

This is your bright life.


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