6 Things I Do To Impact Productivity

As a business owner more interested in being human than being a hero, this is my process (and advice to you, if you too are after big-picture influence) to ensure there's a deeper understanding around productivity disclipines. 

Habit stacking, time blocking, multi-tasking removal, hours of power are all effective principles in their own right, but they suggest that productivity performance is only required in a task orientated start-stop setting and not really for the purpose of longevity. 

If this speaks to you, perhaps you'll find value in the following: 


1. Remembering that how I spend all day Monday through to Friday accounts for about 70% of my week.
So how much of it is getting me closer to where I want to be?

...if you don't like what consumes you Monday to Friday, consider what small things you can tack on to each day to ensure more than 30% of your week is spent doing things you actually enjoy and will create a better lifestyle for you long term.


2. Make a plan each day, week and month of personal priorities and professional pursuits.
Understanding that they deserve balanced attention and make the success of each other possible. 

...if you dread the thought of tackling a to-do list, you may need to mix up your method. Write one for you (make the most of your pre/post-work routines) and one for the tasks you need to get through from the biggest to smallest priority. When you know you've made time and space for both, you're more focused with everything else.


3. Acknowledge any resistance that may be due to current situations or times of the day/week/month/year.
And instead make it work in my favour.

...there's a time and place to push on when met with a speed bump, but it's also key to learn the difference between a little shake up and a brick wall impact. A "no" isn't always forever, it can also be a "not right now in these conditions". Practice being OK with the unknown. Since we are all energy, what's meant to flow will eventually find a way, in the meantime your efforts may be needed elsewhere.


4. When the day's tasks get overwhelming, split them into their relative categories ie: creative focus, website updates, education, other.
So I can keep moving and come back when it's more aligned.

...practice grouping similar tasks or dedicating a morning/whole day to power through X without distraction. More to do is not being more efficient when you're constantly switching your focus throughout the day across multiple things, it will only exhaust you and fatigue your mind. Ever felt the satisfaction of being on a roll, be it cleaning, creative flow or decision making? Keep your focus on one thing for the required stint and watch the change.


5. Allow natural redirections, knowing that inspiration will always come and any work completed in the original direction isn't all for nothing.
It may come back around in a new light, for a new purpose.

...it's always rough when you get hyped up about one thing only to discover it's not going to work as seamlessly as you'd hoped and you spend even more time reeling about the time and effort wasted. Quit the cycle and get to reinventing your idea, there's little point trying to fix and mould the old, when it would be quicker to build a new with the foresight you didn't have before.


6. Always reflect on the week, month, year that was.
So wins can be celebrated and changes can be implemented in real time.

...what's the point in spending all week, month and year pouring your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into something to not then reflect on how you can survive the next challenge with what it taught you, or how to use its success to generate more. For example, get in the habit of spending a day or two at the beginning of every month reviewing, tweaking, planning and recognising your efforts to set yourself up for the next best steps.


This is your bright life.


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