In The Words - Guided Journal
In The Words - Guided Journal

In The Words - Guided Journal

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The In The Words journal is our first edition and in some ways, our most important release, as it's perfect place to kick off a consistent mission to better understand ourselves, improve well-being and increase productivity in a world that tells us to be doing more, instead of being more often. With 31 questions to delve into, motivational quotes and more than 150 blank pages to free hand, you'll be well on your way to creating a self-care routine to develop greater consciousness.

We created this journal because we know how important writing is to activate parts of our brain that are otherwise not engaged when typing on a screen. Did you know that studies highlight many mental and physical health benefits of writing vs digital relay? It's due to the positive and long term impacts on our brain health, memory recall and emotional regulation achieved by putting pen to paper. 

In addition, writing for ourselves as an outlet promotes problem solving by sorting through and organising our thoughts, feelings and priorities in a more naturally-led way. Journaling has also been proven to promote relaxation, and mental awareness through mindful practice and is an additional tool for anyone committed to personal development and self improvement.

All journals include a bookmark. 

Made in Sydney, Australia.