Our brand story is a short one so far but indeed long lived through the recognition and a remembering that all the answers to our own happiness and contentment exist within ourselves and are revealed whenever we’re ready and open to receiving them. 

The Bright Life Company was created by our founder Dana to remind us that in slowing down and looking inward, self reflection and self development becomes the new self-care and that while blasting through life, with little to no emotional and mental regulation may seem temporarily efficient, it always ends up leaving us depleted.

Even if we can’t see it with our own eyes, our mind and body feels it - we were designed to process the things that happen to us, and our responses to them. It’s in the undoing or avoidance of that, which translates to dis-ease and a disconnection from what’s truly important at our core, we're not only unable to then recognise our imbalances but we struggle to articulate how or what we need to recalibrate.

After a major personal wake up on New Years Eve 2019, a global shake up in 2020, many years of the corporate slog; going above and beyond the minimum requirement, treating companies she worked for as her own, developing others and building relationships, climbing a corporate ladder to prove discipline and diligence but ultimately leading to a lack of satisfying direction, Dana found she wanted more for herself, even if it meant giving up the life she thought she had always wanted.

By mid 2021, Dana left her corporate job to build The Bright Life Co, and eventually release the first version of In The Words - a guided journal with thought provoking questions that inspire the user to think beyond their auto-pilot response and perception, to get clear in their life's direction and edge closer to why they think, feel and prioritise the things they do, to ultimately find what it is they truly need to thrive, in the words they end up filling the pages with. 

The questions contained within In The Words, helped shape Dana’s motivations and inspired action across many areas of her life, particularly in the last two years; she is passionate about helping others find their potential by creating, developing and improving their own version of general well-being through self awareness and self improvement to live a bright life by design instead of by default. 

Today, our story continues to be inspired by yours as we create a community,  developing tools to support you on your journey of personal growth.